Fender American Vintage 1959 R.I.

An exact replica of the '59 model with a slimmer neck and the option of a rosewood fingerboard.

1959 was an important and highly evolutionary year for the Stratocaster because thatís when slimmer necks, rosewood fingerboards and multi-ply laminated pickguards first appeared.

Early-1959 model in faded Three-color Sunburst has slim-profile D-shaped maple neck and single-ply white pickguard with eight holes

Later 1959 model in faded Three-color Sunburst, Black and limited faded Sonic Blue has slim-profile D-shaped maple neck, dark rosewood slab fingerboard and three-ply mint green pickguard with 10 holes

All-new pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound

Vintage-accurate bridge saddles and tuner spacing

Includes deluxe vintage brown case

Price: Call for Price
Three Tone Sunburst
Fender American Vintage 1959 R.I.